Joan’s China Kitchen!

Joan’s Kitchen

It’s amazing how many things around Los Angeles Joan & Julia actually did. I say amazing because in my mind it seems like Joan was always cooking! The sheer number of dishes she prepared for our delight was just incredible! Joan’s generous spirit and love of the kitchen and Chinese dishes was fantastic. What a wonderful experience!

Darich, Ally, Candi, Julia & Joan standing in front of a world map
Darich (Puerto Rico) Ally & Candi (United States) Julia & Joan (China)

I’m sorry to say I don’t actually remember the names of all these amazing dishes. We’ll have to wait for Joan to remind me of what everything was.

You can’t really taste these on your screen… but here, at least, is a bit of visual splendor!

Chinese breakfast plate prepared by Joan
Joan & Darich in the kitchen
Joan & Darich in the kitchen
a table with 6 different Chinese dishes
Dinnertime at Joan’s China Kitchen!

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