Benjamin Geyer – Techno Across America

In this travel-based workshop Prof. Geyer will lead an around-America exploration of vernacular musical cultures. Stops will include a number of California cities, other West-Coast cities, New York, and particularly Detroit. For each place that Prof. Geyer stays he will record site-specific sounds to be used in a track for that location. The complete American collection of tracks will comprise Prof. Geyer’s forthcoming album.

RULA, School of Phenomenology, Department of Perfumery, NEW COURSE: Spiced Holiday Citrus 101

In this new course Mioline Es & Patrick Wiechert will teach you how to fragrantize your abode with holiday freshness and cheer. This course is available on demand for self-study students around the globe. 3 units toward a degree in phenomenology or a certificate in perfumery.