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Welcome to Runaway University!
Terézia Ligačová ( Lužianky, Slovakia), Hania Robaszkiewicz (Lodz, Poland), Eleonora Prudenzi (Italy/London), Lucas Hayes (Newcastle, Australia) & Justa (Płock, Poland)

Runaway University Los Angeles (RULA)

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Hello! I’m Glenn Zucman, Provost of Runaway University. Thank you for visiting us!

Here you will find course materials, daily activities, student life, and more from the many international learners of Runaway University. And the recipe for the Tea of the day!

If you have questions about anything, you can fill in the contact form below, or leave a comment on any page on the site.


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Bianca, Mike & Maya with a cookie sheet filled with Vanillekipferl
Bianca, Mike & Maya taking the Vanillekipferl out of the oven!

Terms of Use


Runaway University by Glenn Zucman et al is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Runaway University Los Angeles (RULA) is an Open Courseware university. Our materials are your materials. You are free to use, modify, and distribute these materials in any way you find useful. Note that when RULA presents the work of visiting learners and other artists, those individuals retain the copyright to their work. In such cases, please follow the links to the source to determine their terms of use for the given material. You can use the contact form above if you need further help with rights clearance.


If you leave a comment, RULA will not publish your email address. If you subscribe your email will never be sold, traded, or used for marketing in any way, it will only be used to send you occasional RULA updates. Like all WordPress sites, runaway.university uses cookies, or tiny pieces of information stored on your computer, to verify who you are. There are cookies for logged in users and for commenters. Full details are available in the WordPress codex.

Gizem & Pinar standing and smiling in the RULA Kitchen
Gizem & Pinar in the cafeteria kitchen at RULA preparing to prepare a delicious Turkish Manti dinner! (we found a Turkish market not too far from Venice Beach!)

Thank You: People

Thank you to all the learners that have participated at Runaway University. SO far, that’s:

  • RULA I – 216 students / 72 countries
  • RULA II – 105 students / 26 countries
  • Total: 321 students / 75 countries

RULA exists because of your spirit of wonder and curiosity. Because of your love of travel and your enthusiasm for a classroom without walls. Because of your inclusive, expansive thirst for life lived large, yet humbly. Because of your daily expression of education not simply as the regurgitation of codified practices, but as an experience to be continually discovered. Because of your living expression of the power of capital "E" Educatfun! Thank you for being a part of our exploration.

Thank You: Tools

Thank you to the myriad WordPress contributors who’ve created a free & open platform that empowers authors and respects freedom. Thanks to everyone who has worked on the various themes & plugins that help make this website possible.

gathering around Marta Troya's 21st birthday cake in the Runaway University cafateria
Alexis Capt (Genève, Switzerland), Samuel Benketaf (Neuchâtel, Switzerland), Marta Troya (Málaga, Spain), Glenn Zucman (Los Angeles, CA), Joey Kok, Ada & Kevin (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)

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