Friends Of Runaway University (FORU)

4 people standing in front of a large world map
Alexis, Yulia, Marta & Samuel

Here at RULA we’ve had many wonderful and gracious students visit the RULA dorms, kitchen, and other campus facilities. They’ve shared stories, cooked meals, and enriched RULA life in so many different ways.

Recently a few former students have chosen not just to participate while they’re here, but to leave a legacy for future RULA students. And so Friends Of Runaway University (FORU) has been born.

The day Samuel, Alexis, Marta & Yulia were about to head off in 4 different directions: Alexis heading to Northern California, Marta crossing The Atlantic for her BFA exhibition in London, Yulia off on another hitchhiking adventure, and Samuel pedaling his way east on the bicycle he’d just bought, heading to a workshop in Arizona, they made a last group trip to that traveler’s best friend, Walmart. In addition to supplies they needed for their various adventures, they also bought an air mattress to leave to RULA for the comfort of future students.

photo of an air mattress on the ground in a bedroom
A new air mattress in the Budapest Train Station, courtesy of Samuel, Alexis, Marta & Yulia
Paulina lying on an air mattress and checking things on her mobile phone
Paulina lounging on the new air mattress in the Budapest Train Station courtesy of Samuel, Alexis, Marta & Yulia
Sarah & Rebecca doing their makeup in a mirror
Sarah & Rebecca sit on the new air mattress and do their makeup in the big Budapest Train Station Mirror Wall
Christof Heck, Sarah Weber & Paulina Smigalski standing in front of a large world map
Christof Heck, Sarah Weber & Paulina Smigalski
Sarah & Paulina holding a large slow-cooker filled with vegetables
Sarah from Luxembourg, Paulina from Germany and of Polish descent, and Christof from Germany wanted to cook a hearty soup. They prepared ingredients all day. Unfortunately, the otherwise well-equipped RULA Kitchen didn’t have the large pot or slow-cooker they needed, so they decided to purchase one and donate it to the RULA Kitchen.
Paulina testing the soup.
Paulina testing the soup.
Freddie, Sarah & Paulina tasting soup
Freddy, Sarah & Paulina testing the soup. With all the ingredient preparation and shopping for the slow-cooker and then cooking for 12 hours, the soup wasn’t actually ready until after Sarah, Paulina, Christof & Freddy had to head north to San Francisco. They’d gone to all the effort and expense to prepare an amazing soup and add to the RULA Kitchen facilities even though they’d never have the chance to enjoy their own cooking.
Freddy, Tiki, Sheila
Freddy visiting with Tiki & Mom
Glenn Zucman holding a large box in blue velvet wrapping and with a large yellow bow
In addition to a great presence on the RULA campus, Freddy also became the RULA Transportation Captain! He drove Tamara to Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, and back, and then drove Sarah, Paulina & Christof to San Francisco. A week later he came back to RULA for one more night before heading home to Uruguay. A couple days after his departure a package arrived at RULA Shipping & Receiving.
Kamal inflating an air mattress.
Like Samuel, Alexis, Marta & Yulia before him, Freddy had purchased another air mattress for the comfort of future RULA students. Here Kamal inflates the mattress.
Dharma lying on an air mattress and Kamal finishes inflating it
As Kamal finishes inflating Freddy’s air mattress in the Sonthofen Ski Lodge, Dharma hops on and enjoys the comfort.

gift tag on Freddy's Air Mattress bag with the text "Hi Glenn, Thank you for your hospitality. I love what you are doing with RULA. I met a lot of really good people, including you. Here is a little present for the university. Enjoy it! From Freddy."

FORU Donor Certificates

Students in the RULA Graphic Design Program have prepared lovely, suitable-for-framing certificates for our 1st 8 RULA Donors. These certificates can be printed and mounted on office walls, or added to your website or Facebook or LinkedIn wall.

Donor Profiles

Names link to CouchSurfing profiles.

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