Dining in New Taipei

Dining in New Taipei

People come from all over the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area to dine in New Taipei (Rosemead). Lucky You! As a student @RULA you’re already in the heart of New Taipei! At the nexus of Chinese & Vietnamese cuisine, and with some Latin, Korean & Japanese, you’re in for a real dining treat here at RULA. And that’s not even to mention all the great International Delights you and your classmates might choose to prepare here in the RULA Cafeteria!

More to come, but that’s a start!

5 people dining around a lazy susan at East Gourmet Seafood in New Taipei (Rosemead) California
Linda (Germany) Joe (Germany) Sagar (Pakistan) Jimmy (Honduras) & Yin Chien (Malaysia) enjoying our bounty of Dim Sum. Since Yin Chien spoke Cantonese we were able to eat there and still follow Sagar & Mehdi’s dietary restrictions. Yin Chien deftly kept the meat and seafood items off the lazy susan, so everything on it was ok for everyone to eat.

East Gourmet Seafood

8118A E Garvey Ave
Rosemead, CA 91770
8am – 10pm

You can read about several great New Taipei Dim Sum breakfast spots on the Dim Sum post, but you don’t really need to look further than East Gourmet Seafood! It’s a short walk from RULA and the group can order everything we can think of and the total, with tip, will come out to about US$12 / person.

Unless a member of the RULA group happens to speak Cantonese, you don’t really know quite what you’re eating, but for me that’s a lot of the fun of it. No menus! They walk around the large restaurant with carts filled with different Dim Sum dumplings and you just point at anything that looks interesting.

Dim Sim isn’t the best choice for Vegetarians, Muslims, or Jews, since many of the items contain pork or seafood.

photo of a large hot pot divided into the shape of a yin-yang symbol
Hot Pot City – Yelp Photo

Hot Pot City

251 W Bencamp St
San Gabriel, CA 91776

I haven’t been to Hot Pot City yet! When Candi & Darich were here Candi was so excited about HPC, but we didn’t have the chance to eat there. All I know is they have a big patio and each table has a big “Hot Pot” in the center. The circular hot pot is divided with a yin yang symbol. I’m not sure if the 2 havles are oil and water? Or 2 different soup bases? I just know you order stuff and then throw it in your hot pot! More details after I finally eat there. There are plenty of other hot pot places around, but some of them have more diminutive hot pots. At Hot Pot City it all looks kind of grungy-uber!

seafood in bags and an order of cajun fries
Pho Boga / All in Crab – Yelp Photo

Pho Boga / All in Crab

8966 Garvey Ave
Rosemead, CA 91770
10am – 9:30pm, Closed Wednesdays

A while back a new place called Crabulous opened down Garvey Ave. Maybe a year later Crabulous was re-christened All-in-Crab. Maybe another year after that All-in-Crab doubled the size of their space and went fusion and became Pho Boga / All-in-Crab. Now you can get Vietnamese food and Cajun shrimp in one spot! I haven’t eaten there since their expansion and fusionification, but it was pretty good before. I’m eager to discover what new delights they offer.

photo of mochi in a plastic tray
Mochi and other delights at Phoenix Desserts

Phoenix Desserts

1635 S. San Gabriel Blvd
San Gabriel, CA
M – TR Noon – Midnight / F & S 12:Noon – 1:00am

Phoenix is a chain of yummy Chinese restaurants in this area. I like the entrees a lot (Honey Walnut Shrimp – mmmmm!) but it’s also kind of cool that they have Phoenix Desserts specializing in just desserts, and just up San Gabriel Blvd a ways. I like all the colorful “art desserts”! And I dare you to try to get out of there without having the friendly staff convince you to let them make some tiny “waffles” for you.

Candi and Darich at a table about to eat dessert
Candi & Darich admiring some of the desserts at Bake Code

Bake Code

140 W Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776
10am – 11pm

I’m crazy about Bake Code! Super-fresh breads! Glorious desserts! Boba and other drinks! And so many free samples of all the fresh breads! Haha, by the time I’ve tried them all I’m so confused I have to go around the self-service bread island a second time! 😛

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