Ludmila & Ambyr Noelle @UNR

Ambyr @UNR!

Ludmila & Ambyr went to hang out at The University of Nevada, at Reno (UNR). Ludmila (San Nicolas, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is on a Fulbright Scholarship and is working at the Latino Research Center @UNR. Ambyr is CouchSurfing @Ludmila’s place. Ludmila took Ambyr to campus and they had a pretty fun time as you can see:

Ambyr Noelle buried in the book stacks at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) library
Studying at the library
Ambyr Noelle with a magazine in a study area at the UNR library
Bored with studying Ambyr decided to chill for a while and read trashy magazines.
Ambyr Noelle with other plush animals including UNR Cheerleader bears
Flirting with the UNR Cheerleaders
Ambyr Noelle in a patch of snow
Playing in the Reno snow
Ambyr Noelle viewing the Reno skyline
Admiring the Reno mountains
Ludmila and Ambyr Noelle (a plush bear) outside a campus building
Ludmila & Ambyr Noelle went to hang out at the University of Nevada at Reno, where Ludmila teaches

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