Cut & Color Shop!

We celebrated Marta’s 21st birthday on Friday night. Then on Saturday we opened the RULA Cut ‘n Color Shop!

Alexis cut hair. Glenn colored. Marta got a haircut. Yulia got color. Samuel got both.

5 people sitting on a sofa in the lobby of the RULA Cut 'n Color Shop and smiling at the camera
Cut-‘n-Color Shop, “Before” – Alexis the cutter, Marta with her “long” hair, Samuel with his hair before cut ‘n color, Yulia with her hair before color, Glenn the colorist
RULA Hair Salon: Glenn applying color to Samuel and Alexis cutting Marta's hair.
RULA Hair Salon: Glenn applying color to Samuel and Alexis cutting Marta’s hair.
Yulia, after bleach, before color
Yulia, after bleach, before color
Yulia with green front sections of hair and  a scarf
Yulia, after color
Yulia writing in a journal
Yulia enjoying her new “mermaid color” and writing in the RULA Red Book
Alexis & Marta discussing Marta's haircut
Alexis & Marta discussing Marta’s haircut
tint bowls with different colors of reds and oranges in them
Colors for Samuel
Samuel with dark, curly hair
Samuel, before
Samuel with bleach on his hair
Samuel, bleaching
Alexis cutting Samuel's hair
Alexis cutting Samuel’s hair
Samuel Benketaf  Valeyres-sous-Ursins, Vaud, Switzerland showing off his new haircut and color
Samuel Benketaf,
Valeyres-sous-Ursins, Switzerland
Yulia Grenaderova Moscow, Moscow City, Russia showing off her new haircut
Yulia Grenaderova
Moscow, Russia

Samuel & Yulia with their finished hair: Samuel in orange and red, Yulia in green

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