Marta’s 21st Birthday!

Performance Artist, Public Artist, Sculptor, Marta Troya from Spain, London, Beijing, India, spent her 21st birthday here at RULA!

Mango Mousse Cake from Bake Code
Mango Mousse Cake from Bake Code
sitting on the living room couch in the RULA game room
Alexis, Marta, Samuel, Yulia, Glenn
gathering around Marta Troya's 21st birthday cake in the Runaway University cafateria
Alexis, Samuel, Marta, Glenn, Joey, Ada, Kevin
Marta Troya & Glenn Zucman holding Marta's birthday cake
Marta & Glenn
people around a table filled with food
Marta, Samuel, Michael, Maya & Yulia sitting around a table in the RULA Dining Hall and enjoying dinner. Marta & Yulia cooked; Alexis, Samuel, Michael, Maya, Joey, Kevin, Ada & Glenn brought desserts!
sitting around a food table in the RULA game room
Yulia, Alexis, Marta, Maya, Samuel
Eating food and deserts in the cafeteria at RULA
Kevin, Ada & Joey got back from Universal Studios and joined the party
Yulia's Russian Pancakes!
Yulia’s Russian Pancakes!
Marta taking a bite out of a gigantic pink donut.
Joey, Kevin & Ada brought Marta a gigantic, pink “Simpson’s Donut” from the Simpson’s Store at Universal Studios
lights around the dinner table
Ada lights candles on Marta's cake
Samuel, Marta, Ada
posing with Marta's cake
Alexis, Marta, Samuel, Joey, Kevin, Ada
Ada's hand reaching into the frame to take a picture
Group selfie by Ada


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