Hot Pot City

As you might know, my favorite bakery on the planet is right here in New Taipei: Bake Code! And right across the alley from Bake Code is a cool place: Hot Pot City! There are other places with hot pots, but HPC looks so cool because their hot posts are, well, larger! And you can sit out on the patio by the fountain. And the hot pots are divided into mild and spicy by a cool yin yang symbol.

Every time I visit Bake Code, I remind myself to go try Hot Pot City, and today Joey, Kevin, Ada, Samuel & I finally did! 😀

Mon Land Hot Pot City
251 W. Bencamp St.
New Taipei (San Gabriel) CA 91776
+01 626-289-4889

3 people sitting at a table and looking at a menu at Hot Pot City in New Taipei, CA
Kevin, Joey & Ada check out the menu at Hot Pot City here in New Taipei.
Joey & Ada putting ingredients into our Hot Pot!
Joey & Ada putting ingredients into our Hot Pot!
a large hot pot filled with ingredients in the center of a dining table. The hot pot is divided into two halves (mild and spicy) with a metal divider in the shape of a yin yang sign
Hot Pot City!
Ada and Samuel eating at Hot Pot City in New Taipei (San Gabriel, CA)
Ada & Samuel enjoying lunch at Hot Pot City in New Taipei
Joey reaches her chopsticks into the hot pot
Joey dives into the Hot Pot!
paper sign written in Chinese
Sign in the men’s room: apparently it says something about aiming carefully

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