Steffi ‘n Zeini Complain About: No USB Wall Power

Steffi ‘n Zeini were making fun of me the other day for having old-fashioned electrical outlets in my house.1 I think they said something like,

Geez, what century are these outlets from? No USB Power? It’s 2015 you know!

Under their relentless teasing pressure I broke down and installed some cool new wall outlets with USB power! Hooray! No more ugly “wall warts!”

Image of USB-to-AC and European-to-American power adapters plugged into wall current and charging a phone which rests in a running shoe
TIRED: Archaic wall outlets that require a zillion bulky adapters just to charge your phone, which you have to put in a shoe if you don’t want it sliding around the floor while it charges.
Image of phones charging with USB Cables plugged directly into wall outlets
WIRED: No more “wall warts” with USB power directly in the wall, and a nice little shelf to set your phone on while it charges.
Image of American Wall Outlets
TIRED: Ugly wall outlets and light switches from, like, the 19th century!
Image of power adapters set aside as a tablet plugs directly into USB wall power
WIRED: “Wall-warts” retired as devices are charged directly with USB wall power, and room lights are activated with sleek switches actually from this century.

  1. This statement is essentially not true. They never actually said anything like this. Or not in English anyway. Who knows what they go on about in German!? In fact they were very sweet about things and complimented me profusely on the cool USB Charging Station in the Print Room. But it is true that while they never made any sort of complaints, the vision of Steffi’s massive USB & International adapters protruding from the dining room wall did make me realize the situation was sort of barbaric. So the motivation for a little home renovation did come from them after all. 


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  2. Hi Glenn, i am back in Poland and UK in next few days and I am still admiring this USB sockets I saw at your home, I am telling everyone here that this was such a bright solution at your home!:)

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