Dim Sum!

I didn’t actually know that Rosemead was a dim sum capital! It took Yen Li & Maggie coming all the way from Malaysia to tell me!

So far I’ve been to 3 places near me. All good. So far, greater distance seems to equal better dim sum!

  1. Best888 Seafood – 1.7 miles / 2.7 km
  2. BetterCrown Palace – 1.4 miles / 2.3 km
  3. GoodEast Gourmet Seafood – 0.7 miles / 1.1 km

888 Seafood

Yen Li pours tea for Maggie at 888 Seafood, a dim sum restaurant
After working all summer in the USA as lifeguards, Maggie and Yen Li were starved for some good “Hong Kong style Dim Sum” and delighted when we landed at 888 Seafood


Crown Palace

Stefanie Kuisle seated at a table in a dim sum restaurant
Stefanie giving two thumbs up to the dim sum at Crown Palace. Zeinab especially liked the sweet buns with meat inside!


East Gourmet Seafood Restaurant

2 people seated at a table eating dim sum
Andrew Melnik (Minsk, Belarus) & Ida (Poland) having dim sum breakfast at East Gourmet Seafood.


Haven’t Been:

Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant

  • Supposed to be great 🙂
  • A little further 🙁
  • More expensive 🙁
  • No carts! 🙁 🙁


That’s all the places I’ve heard of. I’m sure there’s lots more. If you know of one, leave the info in the comments below!

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