The Return of Kamal!

Welcome to Runaway University!

Some Activities

Grand Performances, Grand Avenue (Free)

Grand Performances presents an evening of films and live art addressing controversial executive orders, from those resulting in the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII to current threats aimed at Muslim Americans.

Marciano Art Foundation

  • Friday 11 August, 1pm: I booked tickets (free) for anyone who’d like to go. (We can take Metro Gold Line > Purple Line)

Machine Project & Diego Palacios

Pershing Square, Downtown (Free)

More Stuff 2 Do

Contact Glenn:

Arriving Learners

August ’17

names link to CouchSurfing profiles

Kamal & friend in a field
  • 9-16 – Kamal KuKathmandu, Nepal
Jakya smiling
Mathiew & Amendine in an aeroplane
Mathieu & Amendine
Alice with a microphone and another musician with a laptop
Elise & Lana taking a wide-angle selfie on a coastal cliff
Elise & Lana
Sarah sitting on a fallen tree in a forest
  • 12-13 – Sarah Oxley +Celine – _NC / Johannesburg, South Africa / France_(car insurance issues)
Penina Beede smiling in a city street and wearing a big coat and snow falling on her big, curly hair.
Violetta and partner sitting in a red chair
Sofia Shmeleva at the canals in Venice, Italy
David Powell & CouchSurfing friend Gigi interviewing people in Los Angeles
Dawid Dziekan smiling with a cityscape behind him
Arimo Kerkela in front of Ayers Rock, Australia
Dorka Nagy riding a horse!
Piotr |Krasniewski standing by the water

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