Saturday Night Live!

On Saturday, 17 October ’15 I learned something about CouchSurfing that my grandfather, Jose Guerrero Perez’ eldest brother Rosendo had said about taking medication a century ago:

If one is good, two is better!

That night the electric CouchSurfers Elena (Poland) and Antonio, Isnaya & Fabio (Italy) were wrapping up their visit to my home, and the dynamic travelers Stefanie & Zeinab (Sonthofen, Germany) and Lara (Valencia, Spain) were beginning theirs. It was a magical night as everyone delighted in meeting each other. Stefanie and Zeinab shared so many smiles over Antonio and Fabio’s antics, and Lara and Isnaya shared such a wonderful conversation.

I thought I’d never have more than 8 CouchSurfers in my home at the same time, but last night there were 12. As my great-uncle Rosendo might have said if he’d lived to see the advent of CouchSurfing,

If one is good, twelve is better!

  • Thinh Nguyen, Vietnam / United States
  • Masha & Artem, Perm, Russia
  • Bia Alves & Fabio Shimizu, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Hania Robaszkiewicz & Justa, Puebla, Mexico / Lodz, Poland
  • Susanne Wiesner & Larissa, Hilversum, Netherlands
  • Andrew Melnik, Osnabrück, Germany
  • Ida & Czarek, Poland
Photo of clothing placed in a suitcase
Hania Robaszkiewicz (Pubela, Mexico / Lodz, Poland) packing her suitcase. In the end she decided that she could just use a towel here and that she didn’t really need to bring a Nike box.
Photo of ice-covered Greenland out an airplane window
Andrew Melnik’s (Osnabrück, Germany) flight photo of Greenland. By amazing serendipity he was on the same Copenhagen to Los Angeles flight as Ida & Czarek (Poland)
2 guys making faces
Glenn & Thinh Nguyen (Vietnam / United States)
Masha & Artem sitting in the living room
Masha & Artem (Perm, Russia)
Fabio and Bia standing at a table
Fabio Shimizu & Bia Alves (Sao Paulo, Brazil) preparing to do battle with The T-Mobile Lady
5 people sitting in a living room
Justa & Hania (Puebla, Mexico / Lodz, Poland) with Thinh, Fabio & Bia
checking cell phones from sleeping bags
Checking our social media!
Suus & Lizzy sitting in the living room
“Dutchies on the Road”, Susanne Wiesner & Larissa (Hilversum, Netherlands)
3 people in the living room
Ida, Lizzy, and Andrew Melnik (Osnabrück, Germany)
3 people in the living room
Czarek & Ida (Poland) and Lizzy
Suus in the kitchen making guacamole
Suus making her awesome guacamole!
Bia & Fabio working in the kitchen
Bia & Fabio preparing their delicious chocolaty dessert which they will now spell the name of for me!
Fabio and Suus sitting at a table
Fabio & Suus enjoying Suus’ guacamole!
3 people sitting at couches
Andrew, Ida & Czarek
2 people drinking wine by candlelight
Czarek & Ida enjoying some of the fine wine they flew in from Spain for us!
2 people sitting on a couch
Ida & Andrew
4 people sitting on couches
Andrew, Fabio, Bia & Lizzy
3 people asleep on couches
Sleepy Time!

But wait, there’s more!

Animation fun time! Thank you Ms. Google!




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