Friday 13 November ’15

Here’s the CouchSurfers who will be joining us this weekend! I’ve started a WhatsApp group, “CS Slumber Party!” and added those of you whose WhatsApp info I have. As I get everyone else’s, I’ll add you to the group. It’s very handy for coordinating, perhaps doing things together, perhaps a dinner, etc!


As you may know, I like to have multiple CSers at once. 8 is a lot! And a lot of fun! Well, I thought we had 8. But then there were 2 more that I just couldn’t refuse. And then there were the 2 who didn’t show up on my CS Dashboard and I thought were coming later but are also coming this weekend. So, we are 12. Usually I care about these things more than the actual CS peeps do, but 12 is really a full house! I’m sure it’ll work out.

Sleep Stuff

I have foam pads & pillows and not so many blankets. CSers sometimes bring their own of these things. Can you LMK either in the comments below or on WhatsApp what you might have / need.


Also I know some of you will be Driving & Some will be Bussing or Ubering. Can you LMK how many cars will be here? There’s a little bit of parking on the driveway, and it’s also fine to park overnight in the street. The only time you can not park in the street is 10am – 2pm on Friday. BTW, there are 2 houses on this lot, and I’m in the back house.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Arriving Friday!

  • Friday Sunrise: 6:21
  • Friday Sunset: 4:50

Vietnam (#16)/ United States
Thinh Nguyen – arriving ~3pm – Sonthofen Ski Lodge

Perm, Russia (#17)
Masha & Artem – arriving ~2pm – Budapest Train Station

Sao Paulo, Brazil (#18)
Bia Alves & Fabio Shimizu – arriving ~8pm – Sonthofen Ski Lodge

Puebla, Mexico (#19) / Lodz, Poland
Hania Robaszkiewicz & Justa – arriving ~8pm – Curaçao Beach

Los Angeles, California
Glenn Zucman

Arriving Saturday!

Hilversum, Netherlands (#20)
Susanne Wiesner & Larissa – arriving ~11am – Kuala Lumpurlet

Osnabrück, Germany [#9]
Andrew Melnik – arriving ~5pm – Sonthofen Ski Lodge

Poland [#5]
Ida & Czarek – arriving ~5pm – Sonthofen Ski Lodge

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