Austrian Christmas

Missoula, Montana

Bianca & Mike are students at the University of Montana. Bianca is an exchange student from Wels, Austria, studying Psychology. Mike’s from Missoula, Montana, and is working on a degree in Physical Education.

Since she wasn’t home in Austria for Christmas, Bianca decided we should have an Austrian Christmas right here in the RULA Dorms!

Bianca chopping scallions on a cutting board
Bianca chopping vegetables for Vegetable Soup
Mike chopping vegetables at a cutting board
Mike chopping vegetables for vegetable soup

Austrian Christmas: Menu

1.Vegetable Soup
2. Glühwein (hot drink for strolling the Winter Market)
3. Palatschinken (pancakes)
4. Vanillekipferl (cookies)

burgundy liquid simmering over a stove
Making Glühwein!

Here’s a recipe for Glühwein from the Austrian National Tourist’s Office.
It’s similar but not the recipe Bianca followed. She did use Red wine, but also used Rum, Prunes, Orange Juice, and I forget what else.
It was good.
And hot!

Mike stirring a big bowl full of stuff.
Mike tried making Palatschinken with “alternative ingredients.” it didn’t quite work out.
A Palatschinken pancake on a plate
The next day Bianca tried making Palatschinken with “traditional” ingredients. She had much better results.
Bianca holding sheets of paper with recipes on them.
Bianca checking her recipes.
Bianca preparing cookie dough in a stainless steel bowl
Bianca preparing the dough for Vanillekipferl (cookies)

North Austria

Bianca (Wels, Austria) arrived on 25 December, and just missed meeting Kim (Ehingen, Germany) who left on 24 December. Kim’s mom had sent Zimtsterne (Cinnamon Stars) over with BFF Nadine. They were pretty yummy, and Kim left us a recipe for them. She said that fresh made ones were a whole other experience from the packaged ones we had.

Bianca almost made Kim’s Zimtsterne recipe, but decided that we might as well try something different, so she chose to make Vanillekipferl instead.

Austria & Germany share a language, a lot of customs, and a lot of delicious foods!

Bianca and Maya in the kitchen making cookies
Bianca (Wels, Austria) and Maya (Munich, Germany) rolling out Vanillekipferl

Even though Bianca didn’t get to meet Kim, she did get to meet another CouchSurfing German, Maya, who also arrived at RULA on 25 December, along with Georgians Mia & Georgie.

BIANCA: Germany is really just “North Austria”.

MAYA: We PWND you!

Bianca, Mike & Maya with a cookie sheet filled with Vanillekipferl
Bianca, Mike & Maya taking the Vanillekipferl out of the oven!

We are the same as Russians with vodka.
You guys have that tradition? When it’s a wedding you drink ridiculously?
We always drink ridiculous. We don’t need a wedding.

Bianca rolling a cookie in a bowl of powdered sugar
Bianca finishing a Vanillekipferl cookie in powdered sugar
a plate full of Vanillekipferl cookies

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