Thursday 14 Jan ’16

Welcome to Runaway University!

RULA Dorms Remodeling

I just bought 4 more pillows & 1 more foam pad. This brings the RULA Dorm sleep facilities up to:

  • 10 Pillows
  • 7 Floor Pads + 3 Couches = 10
  • 10 Towels
  • 7 Blankets + 2 Sleeping Bags = 9

We’re in pretty good shape, but we will have 10 here on the night of the 15th & 9 on the 16th, and the blankets aren’t all that heavy. If anyone can bring a blanket or sleeping bag it’ll be a big help!

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Aylar in a winter coat standing in front of a Dresden panorama
Aylar Mammetmyradova in Dresden, Germany

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