Sweet 16!

Welcome to Runaway University

When Maya & Mia left the house at 9pm on 31 Dec for their New Year’s Eve party, they left Casa Glenn. When they returned 6 hours later (after a super-fun evening) they returned to Runaway University!

Happy 2016!

Born on the 1st day of this new Sweet 16th year of the 21st century, Runaway University has willed itself into existence because our 19th century universities are expensive, boring, and irrelevant. Old pedagogical techniques have failed to keep up with the pace of innovation in young student’s lives. Marshall McLuhan noted this gap 40 years ago and the disconnect has only grown more dramatic in the time since his insight.

At boring universities old people lecture to sleeping young people. Students care more about points and grades than they do about knowledge and useful skills. And you pay a fortune for a nice piece of paper with your name on it.

Runaway University is

  1. Unaccredited, and nobody cares about points or grades
  2. a place where “Students”, travelers, wanderers, and other seekers can “study” and “teach” what they like
  3. a place without “students” or “faculty” because everyone is an equal “learner”
  4. a place to “take a class” (visit) or put together a bespoke program
  5. free of fees to pay & hoops to jump through
  6. a place where if you finish the program you design for yourself, we’ll even give you a nice piece of paper with your name on it!
a "polaroid" photo of Maya and Mia with "Happy 2016" written on the white border
Maya (Munich, Germany) & Mia (Tbilisi, Georgia) in their New Year’s Eve outfits

Welcome to RULA!

Runaway University Los Angeles (RULA)(aka My House) is a CouchSurfing experience led by you. Here “Learners” (aka CouchSurfers) can escape the boredom, irrelevance, and high costs of Normal Universities (aka Normal Universities) and explore bespoke experiences of the highest impact and satisfaction.

It’s About You

Teach a class in Laughter. Or Cooking. Or just explore local Geography or do Ethnographic Field Work at the local Museums, Shops, Restaurants, Bars, and Dance Clubs as you grok Indigenous Culture and Vernacular Language.

Share Stuff

One of the nights during your stay plan to share something from 9-10pm. You might Teach a Workshop, Cook Something, Present Pix of your Day’s Adventures, Sing a Song, or whatever you’d like.

Welcome to Your Runaway University!

Floor Space

Many nights there are multiple RULA Students staying here at the same time. You might get a smaller piece of floor to sleep on, but I think you’ll have a fun experience!

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