RULA Live!

Every now and then somebody with a guitar shows up at RULA. Or Eleonora brought a cuatro. Or Fabio bought one at the pawn shop down the street. Here’s a few bits of music:

Samuel Goldman mailed his guitar from Ufa, Russia to a friend in Northridge, CA about a week before he and Olga flew from Ufa to Moscow to Los Angeles. Along the way the mailing label on his guitar got torn and USPS marked the package as “Undeliverable.” It took us a while to track down the guitar and have the post office release it to Samuel. The morning after USPS finally gave the guitar to Samuel and Olga he played this song in the lounge at RULA’s Sonthofen Ski Lodge. As Samuel was practicing, Olga happened to be doing her makeup in the large mirrors in RULA’s Budapest Train Station.

Andy Rumsey performing an impromptu song in the student lounge at RULA.

Impromptu Paul Abner performance in the RULA student lounge.

Eleo Rey doing an impromptu song in the hallway on her arrival at the house. Audience: Ele, Tete, Lucas & Glenn.

Elena, Fabio, Antonio & I walked down the street to the Pawn Shop where Fabio bought a new guitar to use during their travels here in California.

Samuel Goldman in a tan jacket and a black cowboy hat stands back to back with Olga Usmanova who has platinum hair with pink and blue streaks and gives the heavy metal "horns" sign
Samuel & Olga from Ufa, Russia

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