Ophélie, Beata & Meri

When Beata Gliga (Australia/Poland) arrived on Tuesday afternoon, Ophélie Rodrigue (Quebec) and I were painting the front of the house red. Or Behr Marquee "100 MPH" to be precise. We tried to give Beata a chair to sit in and some iced tea to drink, but she was having none of that. Beata was too eager to pick up a paint brush and start helping.

Three hours later Ophélie and Beata were playing tic-tac-toe in red paint on Beata’s leg. Later that night Merijein Saperas‘ (Barcelona) plane touched down at LAX and she made her way over to the RULA campus. The next day the adventure began.

4 people in conversation at a Career Development Job Fair in the Grand Ballroom at the University Student Union at Long Beach State University
Wed 23 Oct ’19 – 3:10 pm – Beata, Ophélie & Meri visiting with Rosa Trujillo, the College of the Arts (COTA) liaison from the Long Beach State University (LBSU) Career Development Center.
filling out a questionnaire in the quad on the LBSU campus
4:13 pm – “What is something you wish your parents had told you?” – participating in Kevin Ly’s “Letters to Parents”
listening to a ghost story in the Gatov Gallery at the School of Art at Long Beach State University
4:41 pm – Listening to a ghost story from Charlie Matthews at his group show in the LBSU School of Art’s (SOA) Gatov Gallery East.
5:04 pm – sharing ideas about the nature of art practice and exhibition with LBSU SOA Art Advising Office Manager Michael Nannery.
6:11 pm – an impromptu tour of the LBSU SOA Metal & Jewelry program.
7:42 pm – reading books in the Children’s Collection at the LBSU University Library
9:36 pm – Ophélie, Tiki & Merijein back at the RULA campus
11:10 pm – Beata & Meri
Thu 24 Oct ’19 – 1:12 am – Meri listens as Ophélie & Beata improvise on Sheila Zucman’s piano.
10:26 am – peeling pomegranates
10:29 am – Beata has a big knife
11:03 pm – making fruit salad
11:30 pm – sharing a meal out on the RULA veranda
11:31 pm – Beata & Ophélie
11:49 pm – Beata reads the marriage proposal Ophélie received from a CouchSurfer! Harsh listens.
Friday 25 Oct ’19 – 1:00 am – Meri, Beata & Ophélie
1:07 am – Beata & Meri
1:17 am
1:32 am
7:47 am
9:07 am – Flag raising ceremony
9:08 am
11:46:09 am – Merijein enjoying afternoon tea service at Chado Tea Room in DTLA/Little Tokyo
11:46:13 am

Merijein’s RULA Mural!

After our late morning "afternoon tea" we walked 3 blocks south on Alameda to the Montana Shop LA. Meri and Montana are both from Spain!

To my great confusion, there are 2 different companies that both make graffiti writing paint and are both named Montana! The Montana from Spain is Montana Colors and the Montana from Germany is Montana Cans. Apparently neither one is from Montana, the state. What did I know! 😛

If you want to know more:

Anyway, Jein bought some awesome Montana Colors (aka "MTN") to paint a mural she’d sketched out the night before. You can see her whole mural painting adventure here:

1:48 pm – Ophélie waiting on the Gold Line platform at Little Tokyo/Arts District. We’re catching Metro back home to start on Jein’s mural!
Saturday 26 October ’19 – 9:12 am

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