Making Chouquettes!


Terézia decided to try Cecile’s Chouquettes recipe today. In between visiting a friend in town she wandered off to find ingredients, and meanwhile I found the elusive “Pearl Sugar” up at Sur La Table in Pasadena.

By an amazing coincidence, after writing the Chouquettes recipe 3 weeks ago and then heading off to explore other parts of California, who should wander in today but Cecile! Terézia was nervous about having Cecile here to “inspect” her cooking, but also happy to have some advice with the recipe!

Terézia stirring a pot
Is it supposed to be this liquid?
Terézia & Cecile working over the stove
Oh no! You can’t do anything with that! Let’s start over. We’ll add the eggs one at a time and fold them in. And let’s actually use sugar, not get fancy with honey! 😛
Terézia forming balls on a makeshift cookie sheet.
Terézia forming balls on a makeshift cookie sheet.
Terézia sprinkling Pearl Sugar on her chouquettes
adding Pearl Sugar!
Ready for the oven!
Ready for the oven!
Terézia looking through the oven window to check the status of the baking chouquettes
You can peek… but whatever you do… don’t open the oven!!
Terézia with her hand on the oven door about to open it, but with a look of apprehension on her face
To open? Or not to open? That is the question! Whether ’tis nobler…
a tray full of just-baked chouquettes
A cookie sheet filled with just-baked chouquettes
So pretty! (and as we’d soon find out… tasty!)

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