Korean Donuts

photo of a page in a recipe book
Soojeen’s recipe for Korean Donuts
Photo of a can of Red Bean Paste and a bag of Glutinous Rice Flower
Glutinous Rice Flower for the outside… Red Bean Paste for the inside!

We found Glutinous Rice Flower at Square Supermarket. Soojeen loved Square because they had so many Korean items! But they didn’t have any Red Bean Paste. We went across the street to Hoa Binh and found it!

Soojeen mixing ingredients
Soojeen mixing ingredients
a big ball of dough
A big ball of dough!
lots of little balls of dough
lots of little balls of dough
Soojeen showing us how to form our donuts
Once the dough was ready Soojeen got everyone involved flattening out the balls, filling them with red bean paste, and then sealing them up!

I’ve found that the peeps who choose to cook here seem to take the experience to a deeper and richer level. Whether or not the pasta is overcooked doesn’t much matter, it’s the community that preparing and sharing food creates. Tonight Soojeen took that further by getting everyone involved in the community preparation of our Korean Donuts. Awesomesauce!

Daleen looking up at the camera
Daleen wants to know what I’m looking at!
people in the kitchen preparing dough
Everyone’s making Korean Donuts!
Celeste & Johanna sharing a story as they prepare dough
Celeste & Johanna sharing a story as they prepare dough
Soojeen frying the donuts!
Soojeen frying the donuts!
Soojeen cutting a donut in half to check if it's cooked
Korean Donuts!
Soojeen cutting donuts in half
mmm… donuts!
Glenn, Johanna, Celeste & Soojeen in the kitchen
Glenn, Johanna, Celeste & Soojeen – happy bakers & diners!
Trying donuts in the kitchen
Daleen says they’re hot! Celeste likes them!


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