Justa’s 22nd Birthday!

It’s Justa’s 22nd birthday tomorrow! So we had a little party tonight!

Hania cooked a delicious pasta with meat sauce! I got some “chocolate pyramids” from Bake Code.

photo of Justa Sobótka sitting on the living room couch and having a beverage
Justa Sobótka, birthday girl!
Chocolate Pyramids decorated with parasols, candles, and 22nd birthday tags
“Chocolate Pyramids” from Bake Code!
WhatsApp image of Czarek & Ida with cartoon party hats superimposed on their heads
Ida & Czarek were still shopping for their motorcycle and weren’t able to attend the birthday party in person, so they WhatsApp’d in their birthday wishes. (Eleo WhatsApp’d in a song for Justa!)
photo of the "Tea of the Day" recipe
Birthday Tea! I mixed it with Perrier for a few bubbles
Justa blows out her birthday candles!
Justa blows out her birthday candles!

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