Hair by Johanna

Johanna, Celeste & Daleen stayed in the Curaçao Beach room here at Casa Glenn. When I poked my nose in the room Johanna was straightening Daleen’s hair. Just as Johanna was finishing, Soojeen poked her nose in and asked me if I had a hair dryer she could use. I pointed to Johanna’s chair and said,

You’re next!

Johanna Acero blow drying Soojeen Heo's hair

Nobody flies across the country, or globe, just to cook a meal, or to brew tea, or to do someone else’s hair. Yet for me these small moments of sharing have become the most potent, powerful, and, in their simplicity, deeply human moments of the CouchSurfing experience. They may be side bits. But they are also the simple joy of living. Not to mention those Brazilian Blowouts are crazy expensive and, at least on the road, Johanna just works for tips! 😀

Johanna Acero blow drying Soojeen Heo's hair as Celeste Canete & Daleen Booyse
Hair by Johanna! Best Brazilian Blowouts in America!

To see Johanna straighten Daleen’s hair, or dry Soojeen’s, is to see something so simple as to be completely un-noteworthy, and at once, sublimely beautiful. It isn’t the spectacle of Hollywood or the vista of Griffith Observatory, but in the end, I think it is the nourishment that drives our wanderlust.

Johanna Acero blow drying
Hair by Johanna

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