Dasha Dasha Secret Pink!

Secret Pink

Dasha wanted to keep her blonde hair and the ability to wear it down and look “traditional”. But she also likes to wear her hair up and wanted to have a Secret Pink section in the back for these occasions.

Dasha with her tongue out.
BEFORE: Poor Dasha had a rat’s nest for hair – dull & lifeless it sapped her lifeforce stealing her energy and creativity. Then she came to RULA Hair for a fashion resurrection!
Dasha lifting her hair to show the secret wedge in the back
We cut a “secret” short wedge in the back
Dasha's secret wedge lifted 2-3 levels
2-3 levels of lift
Dasha with her hair up and in profile revealing the "secret pink" wedge in the back
New Hair, New Dasha!
rear view of Dasha's new hair color showing a pink wedge "hiding" beneath long blonde hair
Secret Pink!
Dasha's pink wedge wearing sunglasses
Secret Pink with Attitude!

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