Germans in LA: Ben Wegener

For “Germans in LA” day Stefanie & Zeinab got to meet my long-time friend Ben, and new CSULB student Nele. First we went Downtown to check out the Grand Ave Arts “All Access” event with Ben.

3 people chatting in Downtown Los Angeles at the Music Center
Ben meets Stefanie & Zeinab
Ben, Stefanie and Zeinab walk across 1st street in Downtown Los Angeles
At the Los Angeles Music Center: crossing 1st Street, from the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion to Disney Hall, as Ben, Stefanie & Zeinab tell jokes about me in German.
Disney Hall reflected in Zeinab Greif's sunglasses.
Disney Hall reflected in Zeinab’s sunglasses. Art Direction by Benjamin Wegener.
Ben, Steffi & Zeini on Grand Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles filling out a form with a marketing person.
Whoa! This lady is going to give Ben that orange Fiat behind Steffi ‘n Zeini! Wow! Ben wins everything!
Two women seated across a table. One uses different Taco Bell sauce packets to do a Tarot reading for the other
My favorite piece on the MOCA-LA courtyard was “Taco Bell Tarot”!
Ben, Zeinab & Stefanie eating lunch.
Lunch at Lemonade in the MOCA-LA Courtyard.

BEN: Standing in all these lines is for chumps! Lets just have lunch.
ZEINAB: I prefer to work on my tan.
STEFANIE: I’m starving! We haven’t had a meal in almost an hour!
GLENN: Of course I can cut this little, tiny cupcake into 4 parts, no problem!

Stefanie Kuisle & Zeinab Greif walking to the car in the underground parking lot beneath the Los Angeles Music Center
Great meeting you Ben! Now we’re off to The Beach… Long Beach!

What are your educational insights?