Germans in LA: Ben Wegener

For “Germans in LA” day Stefanie & Zeinab got to meet my long-time friend Ben, and new CSULB student Nele. First we went Downtown to check out the Grand Ave Arts “All Access” event with Ben.

3 people chatting in Downtown Los Angeles at the Music Center
Ben meets Stefanie & Zeinab
Ben, Stefanie and Zeinab walk across 1st street in Downtown Los Angeles
At the Los Angeles Music Center: crossing 1st Street, from the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion to Disney Hall, as Ben, Stefanie & Zeinab tell jokes about me in German.
Disney Hall reflected in Zeinab Greif's sunglasses.
Disney Hall reflected in Zeinab’s sunglasses. Art Direction by Benjamin Wegener.
Ben, Steffi & Zeini on Grand Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles filling out a form with a marketing person.
Whoa! This lady is going to give Ben that orange Fiat behind Steffi ‘n Zeini! Wow! Ben wins everything!
Two women seated across a table. One uses different Taco Bell sauce packets to do a Tarot reading for the other
My favorite piece on the MOCA-LA courtyard was “Taco Bell Tarot”!
Ben, Zeinab & Stefanie eating lunch.
Lunch at Lemonade in the MOCA-LA Courtyard.

BEN: Standing in all these lines is for chumps! Lets just have lunch.
ZEINAB: I prefer to work on my tan.
STEFANIE: I’m starving! We haven’t had a meal in almost an hour!
GLENN: Of course I can cut this little, tiny cupcake into 4 parts, no problem!

Stefanie Kuisle & Zeinab Greif walking to the car in the underground parking lot beneath the Los Angeles Music Center
Great meeting you Ben! Now we’re off to The Beach… Long Beach!

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