Wednesday 25 Nov ’15

DJ Ele & DJ Eleo Black Friday Dance Party! 27/11

  • Wednesday Sunrise: 6:32
  • Wednesday Sunset: 4:45

Arriving Wednesday

  • Sara Conchita, Rafaela & Nuno, Lisbon, Portugal

Arriving Thursday

  • Alex Chiru & Lucy K., Romania / Czech Republic

Arriving Friday

  • Terézia Ligačová, Lužianky, Slovakia
  • Eleonora Prudenzi, Rome / London
  • Eleo Rey, Caracas, Venezuela
  • Tomomichi Ono, Yokohama, Japan

Tea of the Day

Ingrid with tea and herbs and writing a sheet for the Tea of the Day ingredients.
Ingrid blending Hibiscus and other ingredients for her Tea of the Day!

photo of the "Tea of the Day" recipe

Wine of the Day


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